About me

Hi my name is Nikaya and like most Westerners, I used to be a complete coffee junkie. The most negative side effect of that ‘one too many’ cup of coffee must be this anxious feeling we all know and experienced. That jittery restlessness after drinking too much coffee.

Going through drastic lifestyle changes throughout the years, I left lots of less constructive habits behind me and moved on to next levels. When it came to the use of mental and physical boosters, I started resonating more and more with clean and natural energy sources.

When struggling to reduce my daily intake of coffee ,the universe blessed me with unexpected help. I was always open to and looking for healthy natural and alternative boosters that would provide me with clarity and focus through days of hard work.

Instant Love

One day a good friend of mine (an Amsterdam-based, food supplement-lab owner, who is traveling the world in search of plants and herbs with certain wonderous traits) Introduced me to a very special plant named guayusa. Even though my friend told me stories about the traditional use and great effects, this tea took me by surprise and completely blew me away. The clean uplifting boost kicked in right after drinking a few cups. Woooow, instant love! This was really something else.

Mental clarity, happy, chilled out and very productive. What more do you need ? he real difference with drinking coffee is that there’s absolutely no crashing with Yu! Just a very clean, healthy and balanced buzz.

In all my enthusiasm I started sharing my new magical surprise with friends and family and yeah sure, they all loved it!

An idea was born. Everybody should be able to experience this clean energy upgrade. Since guayusa tea is already very popular in North America, I am now honoured to share its magic with all of you. Starting in my hometown Amsterdam, of course.


This product reconnects me in a very special way with my roots. I was born in Colombia and moved to Holland when I was six years old. I never lost my interest and bond with nature and the shamanic culture Connecting with this amazing plant feels so natural and exciting, and sharing it with you is like a dream come true.

Because I feel so blessed and life gave me many opportunities, I want to give something back to the source and support the Green matters foundation. When we drink Yu.Tea we support a great cause. This foundation helps with the conservation of nature, native culture and ancient traditions.

Yu for Yu and them : )