Guayusa is a dream herb. Guayusa has been used by the native tribes for thousands of years for its clear and healing energy. In addition to giving you a wonderful boost, making you more alert and productive, this special plant also helps the tribes to interpret and translate dreams clearly. In the morning the communities in the Amazon gather around a big fire. They drink Guayusa tea and share their dreams. Dreams are very important in shamanism. Dreams are the messengers of the subconscious. The tree is also the connection and the bridge between the earth and the sky / the universe.

The tree is also the connection and the bridge between the earth and the sky / the universe. I was born in Colombia and adopted at the age of 6. Guayusa connects me again in a very special way with my roots and shamanism. The effect of Guayusa is powerful and clear.

Guayusa literally gave me roots and direction. Something I have missed for years and was really looking for. I think it is very special to be able to share this magical plant and a long-cherished dream with you through a special tea ceremony.
A great way to help each other in the process of awakening and healing.


Shaman means the one who knows, the one who heals, the one who sees in the darkness. Protector of energy. Restorer of harmony. Ceremony is to bring the sacradness back into the moment, into everyday life. Action from spirit. Reconnect yourself with the magic of life. We leave the story and mind behind and connect from the heart with spirit / soul / divine. We connect with the elements we are made up of. The earth, the water, the air, the fire and ether. The 5 elements from which everything originated. We are nature. Nature communicates with us even though we are not aware of it. We are part of a large universal web that we can tune into. By connecting and communicating with the spirit of the elements, nature and the unseen realms, we connect with our essence. We enlarge our world and connect with the natural flow of life. There is great gratitude and trust in the base. Our lives are getting richer and more loving. Even in the greatest storm you are still in connection with love. Your base. The more you get into the flow, the more synchronicity you will experience and the more you will live the life that really suits you. Gratitude is the glue and connection between you and creation. The highest frequency to heal, live in alignment, create and manifest what you really want.


Me and a Didichi have created a beautiful Guayusa ceremony, in which we will take you 1,5 to 2 hours and introduce you to a bit of shamanism and your inner world. We do this by drinking guayusa tea, guided journeys accompanied by instruments and beautiful music. The tea and the deep low and rhythmic sounds of the drum create a deep relaxation and help you enter a meditative state of being. In this state you connect more easily with your subconscious, higher self and the universal web of which we are all a part. There are an infinite amount of treasures hidden there. A wonderful place to let go of old patterns and to set new fresh intentions.

Guayusa opens your senses. It helps you to make an easier and deeper connection to your inner world. The special composition of magical substances in this plant ensures a bright, alert yet relaxed relaxed state of being.

Do you want to experience a beautiful Guayuasa ceremony with your friends, a friend or on your own. Immerse yourself in a bubble full of love, beautiful sounds and take a deep dive into your inner world.

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    It’s great that you are interested in a guayusa dream ceremony.We are going to immerse you for 1,5 hours and introduce you to the magical world of shamanism.

    Are you ready to let go of an old pattern, take a new path or put down a long-held intention powerfully. Then you’ve come to the right place.We are going to help you to make a deep contact with your inner world by drinking guayusa tea, guided journeys, the shamistic drum and beautiful music.

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